Radio OBs

As BBC staff I was guarantee for all types of BBC Radio OB vehicle, including an SSL equipped multitrack sound mobile.  I was responsible for mixing, planning, comms and technical liaison with production.  In-depth knowledge of 'derig / carry-in' OBs. 

I worked on a variety of programme strands such as:

Reading/Leeds/Glastonbury Festivals -Radio 1
Many sporting events - Radio 5 Live
Cambridge and Sidmouth Folk Festivals - Radio 2
Friday Night is Music Night - Radio 2
Speech based strands such as Any Questions - Radio 4
BBC Big Band Concerts - Radio 2

and many more...

Since being freelance I have worked as a Supervisor, Mixer and Assistant for 021 Television, SIS Live, BBC OBs and Omni Television on programmes such as:

FA Cup Draws - ITV Sport
Premier League - ESPN USA (Sound Supervisor)
FA Cup Draws 2010  - ITV Sport (Sound Supervisor)
Champions League  - ITV Sport
Darts- The Players Championship  - ITV Sport
British Touring Car Championship  - ITV Sport
Darts Grand Slam 2008- ITV Sport
Rugby World Cup 2008 Under 21s - S4C
Question Time - BBC
Are You Smarter Than a 10 year Old - Sky One
Rugby World Cup 2007 - ITV
Boxing - ITV and Sky Sports
Songs of Praise -BBC
Football - Sky, ITV1 and BBC (Premiership/Championship/Champions League)
Horse showjumping - Sky Sports
Many concerts/festivals - BBC and Sky Pay per view

and many more...

I have extensive knowledge of setting up and using large scale radio mic systems, talkback / IFB systems, PC hard disk multitrack systems such Pyramix v4/5 and Sadie v4/5 as well as Tascam DA78 / 88 / 98, Sony DASH 24 / 48T digital tape formats and Studer 24T analogue tape based recording equipment.

From one of my BBC Radio roles, as a stage assistant for Radio 1 and 2 gigs/festivals, I  have a great deal of experience when dealing with PA companies ie. rigging stage splits / interfacing with PA talkback loops etc

My BBC Studio experience also helps when setting up 'Drive In' studio based OB's

I have experience as a 'Gram Op', using playback equipment such as: Spot On, 360 Shortcut, 360
Instant Replay and MiniDisc.

I have also worked on Scrapheap Challenge (RDF Media/C4) Series 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 as Sound Supervisor, sharing commitments with Richard Meredith (fellow Sound Supervisor).  This involved multi-camera shooting, large scale / large distance radio mic rigs, audio recording in extreme conditions, multitrack BWAV recording on Pyramix HD system and PSC location recording. 

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