Sound Recordist

I am experienced across all genres and was originally BBC trained.  Since leaving the BBC in 2001, I have continually invested and replaced where necessary with the latest and highest quality broadcast equipment.

I carry with me a large selection of kit, including spares, to be able to adapt to the majority of recording situations.

I am happy to work with a variety of camera operators (see 'links' section on website) and also enjoy working on self-shooting PD projects.

I carry with me on all shoots : 5 channel Sound Devices 552 mixer (with built-in timecoded SDHC Card backup recorder), 3 channel SD302 sub-mixer, 2 channel SD MixPre sub-mixer, 6 radio mics, radio stick mic, Schoeps CMIT radio boom mic kit, 4.5" 16:9 broadcast monitor, walkie talkies, radio links for multi-camera shoots, director's radio headphone monitoring kit, Digital stereo audio wireless TX link to camera with wireless timecode TX. Wireless  iPad Timecode Slate for Canon 5D/7D shoots.

I have a hire stock of Sennheiser G3 UK38 radio mic channels and IEM receivers, suitable for self-shoot PD projects. Please enquire for prices & availability. Kits include spares and camera mounts.  Large discounts for long term hire.

On request I can supply  : M&S Stereo mic kit, portable hard disk multitrack recorders, playback facilities, digislate, timecode lockit boxes for multi-camera shoots.

I have extensive experience in using and building large scale multi-channel radio mic systems and multitrack recording using Sound Devices 744T and 788T, Pyramix or Sadie PC based hard drive systems.

If you require any references about the quality of my work, here's a brief list of some of the Dubbing Mixers that usually dub my rushes:

BBC Birmingham Dubbing Mixers: Kate Davis, Andrew Freeth, Richard Hastings-Hall, Dave Mason, Benedict Peissel
Freelance Dubbing Mixer for some of my Maverick, HotBed and Endemol work: John Catlow ( ).

Here's a selection of some of my credits:

Discovered by Katie Price - Pricey Media - Sky Living HD Prime (Sound Supervisor) 
Driving Wars - Blink Productions - Dave HD Prime (Sound Supervisor)
Biggest Loser - Shine - ITV1 Prime - (Sound Supervisor)
Countryfile - BBC Birmingham - BBC1 Prime
Antiques Master Series 2 - BBC - BBC2 (Sound Supervisor)
The Hairy Bikers:Mums know Best - BBC Birmingham - BBC2 Prime
Countrywise - ITV Studios- ITV1 Prime
Countrywise Kitchen - ITV Studios - ITV1 Prime
Gears and Tears - BBC Birmingham - BBC1 Prime
The Edible Garden - BBC Birmingham - BBC2 Prime
Panorama - BBC Productions - BBC1 Prime
The Event: How Racist Are You? - Dragonfly - C4 Prime (Sound Supervisor)
To Buy or Not to Buy Series 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 - BBC Birmingham - BBC1 Day
Scrapheap Challenge Series 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 - RDF Media - C4 Prime (Sound Supervisor)
The Diet Show - Cheetah Television (Endemol UK) - C4 Prime
Boys and Girls Alone- Love Productions - C4 Prime - Documentary
Banksy's Coming For Dinner - Ivan Massow Films - (Sound Supervisor)
10 Years Younger, Maverick, C4 Prime
Get Me The Producer - Princess Productions- C4 Prime
The Secret Millionaire - RDF West - C4 Prime
The One Show - BBC Productions and Real Life Media - BBC1 Prime
Gardener's World - BBC Birmingham - BBC2 Prime
How to Look Good Naked Series 2 - Maverick - C4 Prime - Lifestyle
Embarrassing Illnesses - Maverick - C4 Prime - Health/Education
Monty Don : Growing Out of Trouble - BBC Birmingham - BBC2 Prime
How to Live Longer - Maverick - BBC1 Day
William Wilberforce - Cooke Pictures/Cloak Productions - PBS USA
Doctors - BBC Birmingham - BBC1 Day
Nice House Shame about the Garden - Shine TV - CH5 Prime
Old Dogs New Tricks - BBC London - BBC1 Prime
Mean Machines - IWC Media - Discovery Channel
Britain's Psychic Challenge - Townhouse TV - CH5 Prime
Extreme Makeover UK - Ruggie Media - CH5 Prime
Date My Daughter - HotBed - ITV1
Bands Reunited - MTV - MTV Europe
Scariest Places on Earth - Triage Entertainment - Disney Prime USA/Fox Family USA  (Sound Supervisor)
The Only Gay in the Village - Target TV - Sky One Prime
Trading Up Series 1,2,3,4 - BBC Birmingham - BBC1 day
Everything Must Go - HotBed - ITV Day
House Price Challenge - Prospect Pictures - ITV Day
Sports Personality of the Year Inserts - BBC - BBC1 Prime - Factual
Houses Behaving Badly Series 1,2 - BBC Birmingham - BBC1 Day
House Invaders Series 2,3,4,5  - Endemol Midlands - BBC1 Day
Garden Invaders Series 2,3,4,5 - Endemol Midlands- BBC1 Day
Dangerzone - BBC London - BBC1 Prime

and many more Broadcast and Corporate shoots...

Registered business address: Holt Castle Barns, Holt Heath, Worcester, WR6 6NJ.  Registered in England no.4148759

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