TV Studios

I have experience in mixing Light Entertainment audience shows, whilst at the BBC in Birmingham I mixed Network BBC shows such as:

Call My Bluff
Can't Cook won't Cook - over 200 programmes!
The Really Useful Show
Anything you can Cook
Meals in Minutes

I also mixed regional BBC output such as :

BBC Midlands Today
The Sunday Politics Show

I've also been deputy Sound Supervisor as gram op, PA/foldback operator and studio crew supervisor.

I am experienced in large scale radio mic and  talkback / IFB systems.

I have worked as Fisher boom / pole operator on Q&A, LE and drama productions such as:

Doctors ( also Studio and Location Sound Recordist )
Goodness Gracious Me
Question Time


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Radio Studios

Working for BBC Birmingham in the Audio Unit, I have a lot of experience with all aspects of Network radio.

I used to mix, record and edit (using Sadie PC Editing system) a whole variety of radio programmes such as:

The Archers
BBC Big Band Special
The Best of Jazz
Bob Harris Country
Listen to the Band
Radio 4 Documentaries
Radio 2 Music Documentaries

I used to mix live network shows such as:

Farming Today, Radio 4
Late Night Live, Radio 5Live
Late Night Currie, Radio 5Live
Any Questions, Radio 4
Pam Ayres/Ed Stewart, Radio 2